Florida Man November 2nd – Florida Man Without Limbs Wins Gold Medal in Olympic Sprint

Florida man olympics

Florida Man November 2nd is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On the 2nd November, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man November 2nd 1996 – Florida man wins Olympic gold in the 100m sprint


A Florida man on November 2nd 1996 was the first Florida man with no limbs to run in the Olympics. Despite all of the difficulties many thought he would face, the Florida man worked so hard on his core that he had enough core strength to propel himself forward faster than the other olympians could ever sprint.


The Florida man, now known as ‘The golden nugget’ rolled the race in 7.38 seconds, a world record that is very unlikely to ever be broken. It was found that after the race, the golden nugget had been taking steroids to be able to move as fast as he did, and as such the title was stripped from him and the score struck off the record, with him never being allowed to compete again. Poor golden nugget. 


Florida man November 2nd 2021 – Florida man sells sister for ps5


A Florida man on November 2nd 2021 sold his sister into slavery so he could buy a PS5 from India, we have hard. An inquest was raised into how legal the transaction was when he tricked his younger sister into a box and nailed it shut, shipping her off to India without any food or drink. 


The Florida man, now named as Yani Grover, received his PS5 in the post days later, which turned out to be a PS4 in a replica case, which very much upset the Florida man. Since this happened on November 2nd 2021, the Florida man has been trying to locate his sister frantically, but has yet to do so. 


Florida man November 2nd 2020 – Florida man builds statue of himself 


On the 2nd November 2020 a Florida man was hailed a hero after building a statue of himself and replacing the statue of Donald trump outside of Trump tower. The statue was replaced through the night and nobody noticed for around 3 weeks, when calls came in and Donald himself enquired as to where his gold statue of himself was. 


The Florida man, thanks to the uncanny resemblance, was arrested on November 2nd and was sentenced to 37 years in prison for the crime, as he had broken down and sold the Trump statue and donated the proceeds to BAME families in areas that were underprivileged. 


Our thoughts


A true robin hood, a sly salesman and the fastest man with no arms and no legs alive, it is truly a renowned date for any Florida man. We know when November 2nd comes around, something amazing will happen at some point. 


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