Florida Man July 25th – Florida Man Arrested for Spiking Coffee

Florida Man July 25th is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on July 25th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man July 25th – Florida man arrested for dropping rohypnol in coffee


On the morning of July 25th, a Florida man was arrested for dropping several rohypnol tablets in coffee that he had served from a local store in Gainesville, Florida. The Florida man was working behind the counter when he dropped pills in several drinks of women that entered, and was seen regularly scouring the coffee shop hanging around several females that he had served. 

A witness told us that as one of the women passed out, the Florida man offered to take her into the back to keep an eye on her, and was caught attempting to undress a woman as she was passed out. 


The arrest


Officers were called to the coffee shop on July 25th and onlookers faced a nervy wait as the police did not arrive for over 30 minutes. The Florida man, who is now named as Jerrod Kadinsky, was caught and pinned down by other staff members and members of the public before being detained and dragged into the police vehicle. 


The sentence


The Florida man Jerrod, on July 25th, was sentenced to 7 years in the local county court jail with no chance of posting bail, due to the severity of his crime he will not be allowed to leave early on good behavior. The Judge was heard telling the jury “This is a truly evil man, and I am glad the jury has agreed that the maximum available sentence should be served”. 


Our thoughts


Wow that’s one crazy Florida man, trying to get away with something like that in his own workplace, that’s absolutely disgusting!

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