Florida Man December 6th – Florida Man Caught Disposing of Girlfriends Body

Florida Man December 6th is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on December 6th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man 6th December 2018 – Florida man caught with dead girlfriends body after sexual fetish went wrong


In the very early morning of December 6th, a Florida man was arrested for murder when he was caught trying to dispose of his girlfriends body in the lakeland woods, Florida. The man was visibly distraught and was unsure of what to do, and officers described the man as a complete mess. 

The Florida man was described as a loving devoted boyfriend, who cared for those around him deeply. It is reported that the Florida man was partaking in several different fetishes of his girlfriends’s choosing, including asphyxiation and hard choking which led to her death. 


The arrest


The Florida man, now named Curtis Digby, was arrested whilst carrying the remains of his girlfriend on December 6th. When we caught up with officers, they told us “he was extremely remorseful, but there’s nothing we can do but follow the letter of the law at this point”. 


The sentence


In the evening of December 6th, the Florida man was sentenced to 11 years in a Florida maximum penitentiary for the murder of his girlfriend, Elisse Groves. Elisse’s mother, who was present for the sentencing, told us “my daughter would have never allowed a man to do that to her, she was a sweet and innocent young woman”. 


Florida man 6th December 2020 – Florida man has a new hobby!


On December 6th our favorite Florida man started out with a new hobby, we know you’re thinking, what hobby does the Florida man have? Well here it is:

Florida man seen at the local police station eating chalk. Wow, that Florida man sure is a mental case, he eats chalk and nails for breakfast. I wonder what the Florida man thinks of us when he’s eating the nails, he’s tough as steel!

When the Florida man was caught on the 6th December, he stuffed all of the chalk down his throat, and threw himself to the ground. What a weird Florida man!


Our thoughts


Unfortunately for this Florida man, he had to learn the hard way that you have to be careful no matter what type of intercourse you’re having, and you should always have safe words. Maybe this Florida man should have stuck to doing what Florida men do best, and mating with inanimate objects such as this Florida man: https://www.local10.com/news/2019/10/23/florida-man-arrested-for-having-sex-with-stuffed-olaf-at-target/


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