Florida Man December 18th – Florida Man Murders Haribo Factory Workers

Florida Man December 18th is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on December 18th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man December 18th 2016 – Florida man murders haribo factory workers with used nailgun


On the morning of December 18th, a Florida man was arrested on suspicion of murder when he was caught carrying a nailgun nearby where the murder of 4 people had occured, moments before. A witness said he saw the Florida man lurking around the gates prior to the killings. The Florida man, now known to be Jeff Wilson, was recently let go from his job where he was found pleasing himself into the raw jello. Embarrassed and humiliated, the Florida man waited outside on December 18th for his colleagues to finish work to enact his revenge. 

The Florida man was armed with a nail gun that he stole from the factory just days before December 18th, and shot the first dozen workers who came through the gates before running and hiding in a local carpark. When we caught up with his co-workers, they told us that the Florida man didn’t fit in and now they know why after seeing his sexual exploits in the factory. 


The arrest


In the early morning of December 18th, calls came in to report an incident inside the factory, where there were reports of gunshot type noises and screams. Officers quickly followed a trail of blood to the carpark where the Florida man was hiding and tackled the Florida man to the ground. Unfortunately 4 of the victims died from their wounds and the other 8 are recovering in hospital. 


The sentence


The Florida man was sentenced to life in prison, narrowly missing the death penalty as he had no prior convictions and was known for his good behaviour in the local community. When we caught up with a member of the jury, they told us “We understand why the Florida man was embarrassed, but that’s no excuse to attempt to murder all of your co-workers”. 


Florida man December 18th 2019 – Florida man and his favorite bicycle


When we ran down the avenue we saw a Florida man on a fluffy pink bicycle, what on earth was the Florida man doing there? It seems that this Florida man really didn’t care what he looked like, which we love to see. 

When the Florida man was riding around on December 18th, he made a few ladies’ dreams come true because he blew them kisses on the way. It was very impressive of the Florida man. 


Our thoughts


Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this Florida man took up arms against his fellow employees when they found out his secrets If you want to see more Florida men and their favorite nail gun weapons, check this story out: https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/man-fired-nail-gun-fbi-building-called-violence-days-mar-lago-search-rcna42749


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