Florida Man August 16th – Florida Man Steals Grandmother’s Hot Tub

Florida Man August 16th is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on the 16th August what happened? Read the full in depth stories below:


Florida man August 16th 2021 – Florida man steals grandmother’s hot tub 


On the morning of August 16th, a Florida man entered his grandmother’s residence and stole her $24,000 hot tub whilst she was sleeping. The grandmother woke to head down to the hot tub unit for her morning soak before noticing the large 8 person specialized hot tub was missing. 

Police were then called and alerted to the theft, with the grandmother showing the officers footage of the theft from her blink camera. After a short investigation, and multiple cameras down the street being checked, it was determined that it was in fact the grandson who had snuck onto the property and taken the hot tub.


The arrest


The Florida man was arrested at his residence 7 doors away from his grandmothers house at noon on August 16th. The Florida man, now named Jay Rednickzy, was jealous that his grandmother had an expensive hot tub when he had to live in squalor, and sought to take his inheritance early. 


The sentence


The Florida man Jay was sentenced on August 16th to 2 years in federal state prison, with bail set at $77,000. As bail was not met, the sentence was to begin being served the same day that court was recessed. A member of the public told us “this was the biggest sentence that we’d ever seen for petty theft, it will ruin the best years of his life”. 


Florida Man August 16th 2022 – Don’t eat your own hat Florida man


The Florida man was paying a visit to one of his favorite stores named 7-eleven when he decided it was time to eat his hat. 

Instead of politely letting the staff know that he wanted to eat his hat, he decided to just take it off his head and start eating it right in the middle of the shop floor. The Florida man footage was all caught on camera on the morning of August 16th and it was the 16th time something like this had happened. 

The arrest for the incident happened months after the in store encounter on August 16th, and there was no specific reason that this took so long other than having to learn the Florida man’s story. The Florida man claimed that he didn’t eat his hat in the middle of the store, but we all know what happened as the Florida man was caught on CCTV. 


Our thoughts


Wow, that is one unlucky Florida man, on August 16th he really made quite the mistake didn’t he. This Florida man didn’t seem to have much respect for his grandmother. Check out some more Florida man articles: https://myphoneisoffforyou/Florida-Man-December-18th

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